Fatwood 13

Frequently Asked Questions

What exactly does all natural mean?

It means the product is 100%, completely all-natural. Organic. Eco. Whatever you want to call it, it means there’s zero additives, chemicals and so forth in our product. It’s pure wood!

If it’s all natural, how does it light so well?

The secret of Fatwood is the higher concentration of resin found in our trees. It is this organic resin that gives our Fatwood Firestarter its sustained flame and easy lighting ability. With these higher concentrations of resin, we don’t need to add propellants or chemicals like the other guys because we don’t need them. How many other fire starters can claim that?

What is fatwood made of?

Fatwood sticks are harvested from pine tree stumps that are left behind in the forest. We go out and remove the stumps, then chop them by hand into small sticks. From there, it goes by donkey and/or truck to our facility where it is packaged. It’s actually that simple!

What are the origins of fatwood firestarter?

Fatwood was originally found in the remnants of longleaf pine stumps scattered across the Southeastern US. The longleaf pine was once the dominant conifer, growing across vast savannahs in sandy soil from Virginia to Texas. Most of these trees were harvested in the 19th and early 20th centuries. In fact, the word ‘fatwood’ became a descriptor meaning the wood in these stumps was ‘fat’ with flammable resin, therefore, perfect for a fire starter.

Where does your fatwood come from?

Our Fatwood comes from the stumps of a pine related to the longleaf but native to our Central American tree farms. These pines are quick-growing, do not occupy rain forest areas, and are a non-endangered species, yielding a product that is sustainable, economically viable and environmentally responsible. By making use of the stumps, we are reducing overall waste while creating a sustainable and safe byproduct.

Is fatwood waterproof? How?

An excess of ‘liquid sunshine’ dampening your plans? Not to worry. Fatwood is practically submergible! The resin in our Fatwood is so concentrated and water-repellent that it will spark right up, even when wet – making it perfect for outdoor activities like hiking, canoeing and kayaking.

Is Fatwood Easy to Light?

With a higher content of natural resin, our Fatwood is ready to burn, wet or dry. Its naturally rough texture adds surface area, increasing ease of ignition, and the size of the sticks is perfect for stashing in a pack for a camping trip. All you need is a single match and a couple of Fatwood sticks, it’s literally that simple.

Where Can I buy it ?

As a producer, we sell primarily to distributors and businesses, not end consumers. You can find our fatwood at Amazon as well as most leading hardware stores, grocery stores and other big box stores.

Is fatwood safe for fireplaces?

Yes. Fatwood is made of 100% wood and therefore just as safe as the firewood logs themselves!

What is fatwood used for?

Fatwood is good for starting any type of fire due to its rich resin content. It is frequently used to start fireplaces and grills but also handy to keep in your backback while hiking or camping.

How should I store fatwood?

Fatwood has an indefinite shelf life and can even ignite when wet. Nevertheless, keep it in a dry place for long term storage.