Questions about Rip ‘n Burn Firestarter

What is Rip ‘n Burn made of?

Fatwood! Rip ‘n Burn is actually a “waste” product that has the same firestarting abilities as fatwood sticks. The only difference is shape.

Is Rip ‘n Burn all natural too?

Yes! Rip ‘n Burn is simply fatwood in another form. It is made from the chopped stumps of pine trees, full of natural fast-starting resin.

Why should I buy Rip ‘n Burn versus fatwood?

Can I use it for hiking and camping?

Sure! In fact, due to its shape and thin profile, it’s excellent for ultralight hikers and backpackers. Moreover, you can snap off just as much as you need. This is much easier than shaving off feathers of fatwood with a knife.