2nd Annual Three Tree Pledge Planting

2nd Annual Three Tree Pledge Planting 1Wood Products International announces its 2nd Annual Three-Tree Pledge planting. Following its commitment to forestry stewardship, this second planting represents the completion of a multi-decade plan to the environment.

Wood Products International is the only Fatwood company in the world with their own tree planting program. The tree plantations are used as a forestry learning field lab for students in Honduras.  It enables these future land managers to experience first-hand how to create a sustainable land management system and planting techniques to insure maximum survival rates and best growth practices. The ESNACIFOR students worked diligently planting 9,000 seedlings in 9 days.

There’s a family connection to the “Three-Tree Pledge”.  The Davis family, owners of Wood Products International, began working in the Honduran forests in 1964. James M. Davis saw the potential in this lush landscape, but also knew the short-term profits enjoyed by private landowners would eventually be destroyed.  The first plantation was named after Mr. Davis’ partner, Gil Aguilar, and the current tree plantation is in honor of Mr. Davis himself. Both men knew the importance of educating and sustaining our forests – as ecosystems, habitats, enjoyment by outdoor enthusiasts and job creation for those who maintain and protect them.

“We are excited to see the second year come for this program. Commitment to sustainable forestry practices should never just be a written document,” states Richard Davis, President. “This planting is the fruition of years of planning and research by our team partners in Honduras. Personally, I cannot think of a better way to create a better world. Coupled with our education initiatives, it’s a real dream realized.”  For more information, visit www.3treepledge.com