Questions About Grilling Wraps

What is a grill wrap?

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Are grilling wraps reusable?

No. Each wrap should be used only one time.

How do I keep grilling wraps in place?

The easiest solution is using butcher’s twine, which we provide in every pack. You can also use other options such as Grillpinz which are reusable.

What can I cook with a grilling wrap?

Wraps are great for both vegetables and meat, seafood in particular. Fish and shrimp are favorites and particularly benefit from the nice wood flavor that the wraps infuse.

How long should I soak the wraps?

Soak the grilling wraps for 5 to 10 minutes at most.

Can I use grilling wraps in the oven too?

Absolutely! Wraps are just as suited for the grill as the oven. Moreover, with their short soaking time, little preparation is required and it’s easy to use them at the last minute to give your meal and extra burst of flavor.